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Welcome to the website of Vincent J. Criscuolo & Associates. We represent clients in NYS worker’s comp and Social Security Disability cases in our Rochester, NY area. If you or a family member has been injured, you need to understand that the insurance company has an army of attorneys, investigators, and experts working for them. You deserve an experienced worker’s comp attorney working on your behalf. 

When applying for worker’s compensation or Social Security Disability benefits, it is important to understand that claims are often rejected, particularly when you do not have legal representation. There are specific requirements, deadlines that must be met, and the application or appeal must be carefully prepared with the necessary documentation to support your case and improve your chances for success.

Workers' Compensation Board Hearing Chambers Rochester, New York (NY)

Our law firm is located above the Workers’ Compensation Board Hearing Chambers at 130 W. Main Street in Rochester, NY. You can read more about our firm, read about workman’s compensation and Social Security Disability, and find valuable information and resources on our website. Please contact our office by telephone or through our website for more information or to schedule an appointment for a free consultation with a worker’s comp lawyer.

If you have questions, we welcome walk in visits in our Rochester, NY office. If you need immediate assistance with your claim or have questions, just come to our offices on the second floor of 130 W. Main Street for immediate assistance and to discover the financial and medical benefits you may be entitled to as a result of your injury or disability.



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