All claimants must be “Attached To The Labor Market” to Receive Workers’ Compensation payments!! That’s a fancy way of saying that you have to look for or retrain for work within your physical restrictions to qualify for continuing payments.

Report Your Labor Market Attachment Activity To Us!!

Use the links below to report your job applications and retraining efforts to us!! (Clients of Vincent Criscuolo and Associates only). Completing and submitting these online forms will make it possible for us to transmit your Labor Market Attachment reporting to the Workers’ Compensation Board in a concise and manageable fashion. Call us for assistance in completing these forms!!

Applications Form Vocational Training Form

WATCH OUR VIDEO for a general overview of your Labor Market Attachment requirements.

7 Steps Towards A Successful Labor Market Attachment:

1.Create and File Your Resume.

2.Schedule An Appointment With the Board’s Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor.

3.Click Here To Apply For Access VR/VESID Services

4.Enroll In School: GED classes, ESL classes, or an appropriate retraining program through OACES, BOCES, REOC, MCC, or Other Accredited Institution.

5.Click Here To Apply for Jobs

a)Routinely visit Rochester Works for job placement and vocational counseling services and to take career building seminars and workshops.

6. Like our facebook page in order to get updates pertaining to work search.

7.Thoroughly Document All Of Your Efforts To Make Them Count!!

And remember, we are here to help throughout the entire process!!